Model "A"


The Model "A" is a brass bodied single cone resonator.  This guitar is built by skilled luthiers in one of the workshops used by major resonator suppliers, and has its own unique serial number.  It has a high quality bell brass body, steel strings, hardwood neck, biscuit, and bridge.  It is first class guitar with great sound and durability!



Straughan Model "A" Single cone resonator

Bell Brass Body

Bright Chrome plated

14 Frets to the body

Steel strings with 80/20 Brass over wrap on strings three through six

String sizes are (.013", .017", .026", .034", .045" and .056")

Hardwood neck (Eastern Mahogany), biscuit (Rosewood), and Saddle (Maple)

Adjustable truss rod

Bone nut (1.9")

Neck sanded smooth

 Stiffener (neck stick) runs through the body to provide stiffness and stability

Wood supports under body stiffener(inside of body) to improve tone and help maintain tuning

Spun aluminum cone (9.5")

Indian Rosewood fingerboard

Fret ends tapered and polished smooth

Free soft guitar case

Strap button at tail piece

Open bronze self lubricating tuners

Weight is approximately 7.5 lbs

Scale length is 25.5"

Overall length is 39.5 (not including strap button)

Upper bout width is 10.25"

Waist width is 9"

Lower bout width is 14.25"

Body height is 3.25" (not including cover plate and hand guard)




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